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    Welcome to Anime Launcher,

    First, I will tell you about this application. This is a freeware application made by me, I made this because I'm tired open my windows explorer, explore the folder and click two times to open the file, then I got an Idea to create this application, its easier to launch application through this, especially Anime Folder or Anime Episodes, you can launch it quickly using this.

    Before you install this application please read Help page, click Page on menu above, inside of this application there's a Character Helper that can help you to use this application, if you doesn't know she will tell you, but on this first release, Character Helper just a Image Character but we will Improve it to the real Character Helper

    Thanks for visiting Anime Launcher Site, I hope you like my application..
    To download the program you can open download page, click Download on menu above or click this link

    Note : First Release will be released on Thursday, May 15, 2014 so if you open Download page the download link is not available till May 15, after May 15 you can download it

    By Anime Launcher Admin
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